services & technology

As a full service Obstetrics and Gynecology practice, we are proud to offer the following:

3D Ultrasound Services

We have two 3D Ultrasound suites staffed by two full time Ultrasound techs. Both suites feature advanced Philips Ultrasound machines, both technicians have their RDMS certification, and both are certified to perform first trimester Nuchal Translucency screening by the Fetal Medicine Foundation. The ultrasound services that we provide include early Obstetrical scans, anatomical survey exams, full gynecologic exams including transvaginal scans, doppler velocimetry, 3D scans, and sonohysterography.

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Antepartum Testing Services

Meadows Women’s Center has a 5-bed antepartum testing unit, offering modified and full biophysical profiles, non-stress testing, amniotic fluid assessment, and amniocentesis for evaluation of fetal lung maturity. The unit is run by a fully licensed R.N., who has additional training in fetal heart rate assessment and ultrasound skills. We are experienced in managing most complicated pregnancies.

Office Hysteroscopy

Two flexible hysteroscopes provide the ability to comfortably evaluate the uterine cavity here in the office, rather than having to take our patients to the operating room. In addition, we have a formal rigid hysteroscope that allows us to perform more advanced in office techniques, such as sterilization (see Essure, below). Our facility has two procedure rooms with video towers to provide these in-office services to our patients.

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In Office Endometrial Ablation

Endometrial Ablation, an outpatient procedure that is used to control abnormal uterine bleeding in women, is offered as an in-office service for patients of Meadows Women’s Center. We use a technology called Her-Option, that uses a freezing probe that is inserted in the uterus to destroy the lining of the uterus. This freezing technique makes the procedure relatively painless, as opposed to some of the other endometrial ablation techniques.

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Infertility Services

Meadows Women’s Center has provided the women of Southern Nevada with infertility treatments since our inception. We perform intrauterine inseminations, both with husband or donor sperm. In addition, we provide management of ovarian stimulation cycles with or without insemination. We work with most major sperm donor banks (e.g. California Cryobank, etc.)

In Office Sterilization

In the past 10 years, a device called the Essure device has been developed, researched, and approved by the FDA to permanently sterilize women through their cervix and uterus, by placing the device directly into the fallopian tubes. This procedure is done in our office without requiring general anesthesia, without any incisions, and the patient can return to work the next day.

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Urologic Evaluation

Our practice has provided urogynecologic services to the women of Southern Nevada since our inception. To that end, we provide a full in office evaluation of any urologic dysfunction prior to consideration of any urologic surgical repair, using advanced equipment to examine the lower female urologic system.

Electronic Medical Records

Since 2007, Meadows Women’s Center has used Electronic Medical Records to document and assist in the management of their patients. Our current platform, Greenway, not only provides your physicians with access to your medical record from anywhere that internet access is available, but has such modern features as the ability to contact our patients to inform them of their result electronically, complete any forms that have to be completed online prior to your visit with us, and provide our patients a way to communicate with our office requests such as prescription refills, appointment requests, or even an “Ask the Staff” feature.